Jordan Fitness - The hub package 2

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The Hub Package 2 brings everything needed for effective group workouts using multi-directional training. It comprises:

1 x The Hub
4 x Portable Core Trainers
2 x 7ft Steel Series Bars
2 x 6ft Aluminium Training Bars
2 x Pairs of Quick Lock Collars
1 x Core Plate Handle

The Hub is an innovative, multi-directional fitness tool that combines all the benefits of the Jordan Core Plate and Portable Core Trainer into a multi-user training environment. Incredibly versatile, it holds up to four bars enabling four people to work out simultaneously in a team atmosphere by attaching portable core trainers. This helps improve core strength, stability, rotational strength and upper body mobility. Using additional products from the Jordan Performance Series, up to 8 people can train at one time.

Offering excellent benefits, the Hub works in multiple planes of motion and targets each major muscle group, whilst also working the important stabilising muscles of the core, hips and shoulders. Made of solid steel with grey tough coat finish, this full commercial product is perfect for heavy duty use.

The Hub Package 2 comes with an excellent selection of accessories to get training underway. This includes The Hub, 4 Portable Core Trainers, 2 x 7ft Series and 2 x 6ft Aluminium Training Bars, a core plate handle (for use with the core trainer) and 2 pairs of easy-use Quick Lock Collars.

As well as accommodating up to four portable core trainers, The Hub also provides a storage system for up to 6 Olympic Plates. The Hub can also be used with battle ropes, power bands, resistance tubes and more.

Package 1 includes: 1 x The Hub: 4 x Portable Core Trainers: 2 x 7ft Steel Series Bars: 2 x 6ft Aluminium Training Bars: 2 x Pairs of Quick Lock Collars: 1 x Core Plate Handle
Robust construction: solid steel with grey tough coat finish
Multi-user use: accommodates up to 4 portable core trainers; up to 8 users with additional products from Jordan Performance Series (core trainers sold separately)
Storage system: for up to 6 Olympic Plates
Colour: silver