Jordan Fitness - Soft Plyometric Box 18"

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New and colourful soft plyometric boxes are a fantastic new addition of performance functional equipment. These new boxes are perfect for use with gym users, athletes and even children because it will decrease the stress on the joints when landing, as opposed to harder surfaces. Our set of 5 (which can be purchased individually as well) range from 76mm to 609mm in height and can be stacked together up to a height of 1600mm. The boxes are attached together with strong velcro straps to help ensure safety during use.

Soft surface reduces stress on joints during landing
Boxes can be stacked on top of each other and are held in place securely with Velcro strips
Unique stackable design minimizes space required
Working platform area “ 914mm x 762mm
Perfect for homes, gyms, studios and bootcamps