Led Lenser Neo Headlight - PINK

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The compact and light design makes the LED Lenser NEO a companion that can accompany you at all times, to all places. In addition, this cost effective headlamp offers technical features in the tried and tested LED Lenser quality, thus making it particularly interesting for runners. Its elegant design enables it to incorporate a wider angle reflector lens and a 90 lumens white LED which beams out a 16:9 aspect of light. On the back an optional blinking red light allows the wearer to be seen from behind, an important safety consideration for joggers, cyclists and dog walkers. Built in Smart Light Technology offers three different light functions. Power for illuminating immediate surroundings; Low Power for reading without glare; and Blink for safety. All of these can be controlled from one switch, conveniently positioned just where you need it - at the front of the torch. It is comfortable to wear and lightweight too: at just 88 grams with its three AAA batteries (included) a user might even forget they are wearing it. When not in use, the NEO rolls up to a compact bundle in the hand or pocket, making it an easy to store, easy to carry personal light.